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Golddoge Sachs is the first decentralized index for cryptocurrencies that allows you to profit leveraged from the general development of the crypto market to generate steady returns with a completely unique concept.
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Golddoge Sachs work?

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About Golddoge Sachs

Profit from crypto boom

Benefit from a diversified investment that uses dollar cost averaging to achieve the best possible return in the crypto market. Just by holding.

Leverage on the yield

The success of our investment for you is further multiplied by Golddoge Sachs' own chart performance, which is why investing with us outperforms individual investing in any case.

Success through expertise

Moby is a name in the BSC. But better: He is also in the middle of the IB scene and knows the market very well. We benefit from the symbiosis of the worlds of experience from crypto and banking.



Buy Tax 9%

1% Maintenance
2% Marketing
6% Portfolio

Sell Tax 9%

3% Marketing
6% Portfolio


& transparent

Audit & KYC

Our contract has been fully audited and rated 100% secure. Furthermore, we have successfully completed the KYC process. Here you can find a detailed audit by our partner Contract Checker.


Here you can find our contract on github. The GDS V2 contract address is the following:
BSC: 0x216A2C74fF51538D9Ae1beE4958b29C2D778cD21
ETH: 0x59a63E3bc9bC1CE9Abfd7b928D13d02d98b818d6


Return on Investment

633% APY in one year? 1523% APY until 2025?
Stay Holder, Stay Profiteer. The investment pot is regularly distributed to our holders. Where will BTC be in one year? That’s right, you can only win.

Buyback &



BUYBACK 20.000$
2,200,887,656,575,900.683192681 GDS


2,200,887,656,575,900.683192681 GDS
2.20% Supply Burnt 🔥


Here you can find not only our holders but also the "deadadress" which contains the burned tokens.



Q1 2022

- Idea development
- First calculations
- Portfolio development
- Strategy development

Q2 2022

- Portfolio design
- Marketing concept
- Time to market analysis
- Design & Identity
- Milestone analysis

Q3 2022

- Initial marketing
- Exclusive Privatesale
- Portfolio Investment
- News Articles
- Development of portfolio
- First Yield distribution

Q4 2022

- V2 Migration with EverRise
- ETH Bridge on EverBridge
- Strategic Partnerships
- Publication of new portfolios
- CEX Listing

Q1 2023

- Scaling of the product range
- Big international marketing
- Further CEX Listing
- Implementation on financial Websites

Q2 2023

- Publication on financial guidebook
- Interviews with experts in the financial industry
- CEX expansion
- Expand collaborations
- Sucess portfolios
- Golddoge Sachs is THE crypto index

Think big

Investing reinvented

633% APY in one year? 263% APY this year?
These figures are based on precise calculations of our experts. Feel free to read more about how we plan to make you rich here.

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Be part of a revolution. Be part of the biggest movement in the blockchain industry.


Safely invested

With Golddoge Sachs, we take the path of secure sucess based on broad diversification, knowledge and DCA.

High return on investment

~600% APY is the conservative target for our annual returns based on the crypto market performance and our included leverage only.


Selected investments

Investment banking 2.0
We only take the best crypto assets and do not let shitcoins into our portfolio for you.

Precise excellence

Closely connected to the investment banking scene, we are working on the development of our products.